Picture of Me



I lived in

When I was a child, my life is full of

Although I was not the best student in primary school, I still

when I got older, I could perform

I am willing to help others, even I was not that big

My childhood dream was to become a soldier, defending our country

But this dream was soon changed, when I met


Fortunately, I just passed the bottom line of this famous junior high school

After 3 years, I entered one of the most prestigious high schools in China, still fortunately, just passed the bottom line with 1 score higher.

Like the sunset, even through the hope is slipping away, the halo will come at the last minute


After four years memorable life of

I graduated from college

And I choosed a beautiful place besides westlake to study and live


I entered Microsoft Research Asia

I participated Design Emotion Conference at Hong Kong for a presentation of

I met Donald Norman at the conference

and also met a bunch of great guys there

The memory of Microsoft is precious, I had to say goodbyes to those talents


At the beginning of new year, I went to the south beach to relax and refresh myself

The fantastic scenery there released and recharged me

Rebecca Minkoff came to China and that’s our dream team.

I came back to Microsoft, where I can get a lot of

Then I won the first prize in a design competition from 1788 entries

I travelled alone to Stockholm

and Uppsala

I was presenting a paper at INTERACT2009

The feeling of sharing thoughts with new friends at conference was terrific

We had a great banquet at a splendid medieval castle

and I had a deep breathe under the rural sky


Graduated from Zhejiang University and left the beautiful West Lake city

I went to pure rural place to refresh myself

then the World Expo at Shanghai

In summer I arrived Boston and attended Harvard for another adventure

Surprisingly I won my first Harvard award before the start of new semester

Cannot wait more, I went to the big apple once I got a break

and I was amazed by


The life at Harvard was intense

But I still could enjoy the beautiful autumn inside campus

In the middle of semester, my desk was full of wires and electronics

and it’s common to spend days and nights at fabrication shop

The semester finished like the gorgeous sunset of Boston


I went to the Windy City

and the Emerald City

and across the border to Vancouver,  for a paper presentation at CHI 2011 conference

Back to school, I joined student groups to organize professional events

The second semester was finished with unforgettable memories of making things happen

Then I enjoyed the beach at Santa Monica

and spent a sunny weekend at the Sin City

A vast scenery can  help me think boundless, like the Grand Teton

and the Yellowstone

as well as Grand Canyon

Back to school again, I gave the first lecture at Harvard, the topic was about turning idea into design

Fortunately I joined the celebration of the school’s 375th birthday

Accompanied with friends at student union, we founded Harvard Entrepreneurship Club specific for Chinese community

The beautiful fall was coming silently to decorate Harvard Yard

I participated a business contest and won the prize

then won the Championship of Pingpong tournament of GSD

I finished the third semester with the projects done at MIT Media Lab

The challenging environment aroused me a lot of great ideas

The same sunset, the same Charles river, the same ending of a year

I went back to Beijing and gave a lecture at where I grew up

Every trip has an ending

But I am ready for another start, the childhood dream never ends

and my fortune may locate at a place, where I can make things to create better lives for people



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