Interactive lamp

Interactive lamp

Julia Africa (Urbanism, Landscape and Ecology), Gonglue Jiang (Technology), Sheryl Bassan (MArch), and Timothée Boitouzet (MArch) were asked in GSD 2324: Augmented Architecture to modify an existing light fixture to make it environmentally responsive. They drew inspiration from the Moooi Raimond light and sought to transform it using principles drawn from a Hoberman sphere. They deconstructed the sphere to understand its geometry, reprinted the pieces, assembled them in different configurations and studied the movements of the two dimensional circular shapes. When linked together as a three dimensional sphere punctuated by small LEDs, the concept was to expand and contract in response to vibration sensors on translucent wires like a small star.

Designer: Gonglue Jiang, Julia Africa, Sheryl Bassan, Timothée Boitouzet

Date: 9/2010-12/2010

Place: Harvard University GSD

Course: Augmented Environment

100 seconds video:

Initial thoughts:

Our initial thought is from the Moooi light and Hoberman ball. We want to make an interactive lamp that can interact with people and change the light based on people’s needs.

Motion design and testing:

First physical testing model

Electronic design:

Prototype1: Liner effects

Prototype2: 2D effects

Prototype 3: Final design- 3d effects

Installation concept:

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