Green Seeds

The bottled chewing gum cannot be wrapped up like the ones with paper package. The popularity of bottled chewing gums is accompanied by people ‘having to’ pollute the environment. Therefore, I designed a kind of gum bottle that can help people package chewed gum and throw away later — an invention that help people achieve their environmental-friendly selves.                                                                                  .

Designer: Gonglue Jiang

Date: Feb 2009

Patent: Yes

Award: Gold Prize of Zhenhai Design Competition

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I named it ‘Green Seeds’, because I believe that for the nature, less pollution equals more affection. This design won the first prize in “Zhenhai Cup”. I believe designers not only should design products that are easy to use, but also ones that can help people achieve their better selves. A good product is just like a good book, bringing changes to people’s life, improving them, and solving their problems.

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China Daily

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