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Bionic Humidifier


My role:
  Yadu Science & Technology Co.
Producet Designer
“Best Graduation Project” of 2008 China Industrial Design Education Conference

Design Emotion 2008, Hongkong, China (First author) (Download)

I learned:

  Successful deliver a refined product fulfilling the customer's need.

I experienced a whole proccess of designing a product from this project. From the requirement, to the market analysis and concept selection then the refining final idea.Finally I wrote a case study and published it in top design conference.
  Project Overview  

I designed a humidifier simulating a live flower that needs to be ‘nurtured’. By watering the withered ‘flower’, the user is actually adding water to the humidifier, which fulfills emotional needs for the users. The design is included as a case study for the Design Emotion conference. ‘Is it really a student work?’ is the reviewer’s comment.

  Design Process:  

Product Opportunities
In this case, based on Yadu Corporation task, we designed and develop a kind of humidifier that could give users emotional experiences. We observed the behavior of potential users of humidifier and stretch out factors related to the interactive emotion and moisture producer.

Design Description
The system of changing air is designed similar to the plant like breathing instead of inlet-outlet system. It makes the output wind more comfortable and also gives the users feeling of natural breeze surrounding. At the same time, it displays the amount of water reserved by flower blooming and withering which is more clear and interesting than digital screen or water level

Creative Point
The concept, a flower-like humidifier, is developed from mother nature where the really moisture givers exist. This bionic humidifier gives users the feeling of growing a flower and the process of generating moisture is designed close to a real flower.

Mechanical Design

Plan1: Mechanical plan

Plan2: Floating ball plan

Plan2: Memory alloys plan (Chosen)

Memory alloys plan's Pro/E analysis

The virtual simulation at Pro/E

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