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  Picture of Me  
  I lived in  
  When I was a child, my life is full of  
  Although I was not the best student in primary school, I still  
  I love  
  So when I got older, I could perform  
  I am willing to help others, even I was not that big  
  My childhood dream was to become a soldier, defending our country  
  But this dream was soon changed, when I met  
  Fortunately, I just passed the bottom line of this famous junior high school  
  After 3 years, I entered the best high school of Beijing, still fortunately, just passed the bottom line with 1 score higher.  
  Like the sunset, even through the hope is slipping away, the halo will come at the last minute  
  After four years memorable life of  
  I graduated from university  
  And I choosed a beautiful place besides westlake to study and live  
  When Olympic Game was coming  
  I entered Microsoft Research Asia
(third from left is Pamela Hinds from Stanford, fourth is my mentor Chen Zhao)
  I participated Design Emotion Conference at Hong Kong  
  for a presentation of  
  I met Donald Norman at the conference  
  and also met a bunch of great guys there  
  The memory of Microsoft is precious, I had to say goodbyes to those talents  
  Then I went to the south sea to relax and refresh myself  
  The fantastic scenery there released and recharged me  
  Rebecca Minkoff came to China and that's our dream team.  
  I came back to Microsoft, where I can get a lot of  
  Then I won the first prize in a design competition from 1788 entries  
  I travelled alone to Stockholm  
  and Uppsala  
  I was presenting a paper at INTERACT2009  
  The feeling of experience sharing of research and life was terrific  
  We had a great banquet at a splendid medieval castle  
  and I had a deep breathe under the rural sky  
  Every gorgeous trip has an ending  
  But I am ready for another start, miracle is just begining  
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