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Research let us imagine it, design let us see it, technology let us touch it, marketing let everyone use it. That is the philosophy of design I have been following.

As a designer,
I have won first prize in a concept design competition (#1 out of 1788);
I have designed the first China exclusive edition for a world top handbags brand; and
I have presented a design case study in a top design conference.
As a researcher,
I have conducted cross-cultural studies in Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA);
I have published papers on HCI conferences.
As an engineer,
I have done internship in the biggest aircraft manufacturer in China;
I have won second prize in an engineering competition.
As a businessman,
I have worked as Brand Image and Promotion Director for a luxury handbags company and have improved their YOY sales by 40% during world economic crisis.
As a student,
I have been ranking 1st of GPA in my undergraduate department for four years
I have won seven scholarships and have been awarded ‘Triple-A student’ for four times.
As a dream chaser,
I listen to the voices in my heart and engage myself in things that I believe are meaningful and can make changes to life and to the society.

  My References  

Shouqian Sun
(Graduate tutor)
Professor & Dean
Industrial Department
Computer Science School
Zhejiang University

Jinghua Liu
(Undergraduate tutor)
Professor & Dean
Industrial Department
Mechanical Engineering School
Beihang University
Chen Zhao
UX Manager & Researcher
HCI Group
Microsoft Research Asia
Matt Scott
IEG Group
Microsoft Research Asia

Kate Zhou
Kate Zhou Handbags

Gang Chen
Development Manager
IEG Group
Microsoft Research Asia
Ming Zhou
NLP Group
Microsoft Research Asia
Elaine Ann
President & CEO
Kaizor Innovation
  My CV  


+86 13811892089


2010-2012 Harvard University
Graduate School of Design
MDesS in Technology

2007-2010 Zhejiang University
Computer Science School
MS in Digital Art and Design
GPA: 3.7/4.0 (Rank 1 in major)

2003-2007 Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics)
Mechanical Engineering School
BS in Industrial Design with distinction
GPA: 3.7/4.0 (Rank 1 in major in every 4 academic year)


2008 Design of Bionic Humidifier, Case study, Design Emotion 2008, Hongkong, China
Gonglue Jiang

2009 Combinable Tabs: An Interactive Method of Information Comparison using a Combinable Tabbed Document Interface, Short Paper, INTERACT 2009(12th IFIP Conference on Human-Computer Interaction), Uppsala, Sweden
Gonglue Jiang, Chen Zhao, Matt R. Scott, Fang Zou

2009 A Method for Modeling Conceptual Design with Irregular Surface, Paper, IEEE 10th International Conference on Computer-aided Industrial Design & Conceptual Design, Wenzhou, China
Gonglue Jiang, Shouqian Sun


2008 An Interactive Method of Information Comparison using a Combinable Tabbed Document Interface, US Patent, (OC Docket No. 418268514US)
Matt Scott, Chen Zhao, Gonglue Jiang, Fang Zou

2009 Environmental gum bottle, Utility Model Patent, (No. 200920220195.5)
Gonglue Jiang

2010 Infinite USB, Utility Model Patent
Gonglue Jiang

2009 Kate Zhou Handbags Logo, Trademarks Patents, (No. not available)
Kate Zhou Handbags

2008 Cute Emily Logo, Trademarks Patents, (No. 7599469/25, 7599493/18)
Gonglue Jiang, Yan Wang

Work Experience

2009.7-2009.11 Microsoft Research Asia, Researcher and Designer Intern
UX design of a project called “Engkoo”, at www.engkoo.com. In charge of the V2.0 features-Phonetic Search, User Data Submission, Teaching Method Editor(TME), Bilingual Mapping, Dictation Game, MSN Portal English Channel, MSN Messenger English Tool.
HCI research in the field of cross culture: How people disclose their self on SNS, how customization affects self-presentation on SNS.

2008.7-2008.11 Microsoft Research Asia, UX Designer Intern
UX design of a project called “Engkoo”. In charge of Competitor Analysis, Feature Breakdown, Prototype, Visual Design, User Study, Usability Testing

2008.7-now Kate Zhou Handbags, Brand Image and Promotion Director (Part-time)
In charge of all the visual identity design and monthly promotion plan of Kate Zhou Handbags. Design for Rebecca Minkoff first exclusive handbag for China, which is World TOP 20 Handbag Brand (citation:www.purseblog.com).

2006.10-2007.6 Beijing Yadu Science & Technology Co. Designer
Yadu is the humidifier and purifier market leader in China. I was in charge of the new type of mini humidifier and purifier design.

2006.6-2006.8 Chengdu Aircraft Manufacturer, Engineer and Worker Intern
I had a training of engineering and machining techniques, including lathe and milling machine, advanced assembly technique and the CNC equipments.

Design Experience

2008.4-2008.7 Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock Works Co., Product Designer
Design for D series Locomotive III

2007.11 Hengye Motor Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Project Manager
Multiple Function Fitness design,.

2007.11 Magnificent Automobile Facilities Co. Ltd, Project Manager
General Automotive Mattress

2008.2 HuiFeng Plastic Products Co. Ltd, Product Designer
Design series of daily necessities

2005.10-2006.5 People’s Bank of China Training Center, Web Designer
The System of Teacher Resource Management

Honors and Awards

2009 First Grade DingliCom Scholarship (Rank 6 in 295 of CS School of Zhejiang University)
2007 National Graduate Fellowship of Zhejiang University
2005 XAC Foundation Scholarship (Top 10 in 340 of ME School of Beihang University)
2004 First Grade National Scholarship
2004, 2005, 2006 Second Grade Excellent Study Scholarship (Rank 1 in 28)
2010 Harvard University IEL Dean's Essay Contest Award
2009 Second Prize of the 2009 China R&D Engineering Award (Team)
2008,2009 “Star of Tomorrow” of Microsoft Research Asia
2008, 2009 “Merit Student: Triple-A student” of Zhejiang University Graduate School
2004, 2005 “Merit student: Triple-A student” of Beihang University
2008 “Best Graduation Project” of 2008 China Industrial Design Education Conference
2007 “Outstanding Graduates” of Beihang University
2004 “The Top 10 Overall quality Students” of ME School of Beihang University
2004 “Excellent member of Chinese Youth League” of Beihang University
2010 iF Concept Design Award
2010 Bronze Prize of Beilun Design Award
2010 Iron Prize of Seoul International Design Competition
2009 Gold Prize of Zhenhai Cup Design Competition (Rank 1 in 1788)
2008 Silver Award of WingTech Design Award
2009 Excellence Award of LotusPrize Design Award
2009 Finalist of iF Design Award
2008 NewStar prize of Nokia Internet Mobile phone Design Competition
2007 Excellence Award of Huntkey PC Case Design Competition
2006 Second prize of FengRu Cup (Group)
2005 Second prize of Beijing University Students Art Festival
2006 Finalist prize of HuaPu Automobile Design Cup
2006 Excellence Award of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Design Cup
Extra Curricular
2006 First prize of “Study in Beihang” Photography Competition
2006 Silver medal of Badminton Men's Singles of School of ME
2005 Second prize of Intelligence Olympics of Beihang University (Group)
2006 Second prize of English Talent Competition of Beihang University


Emotional Design, Intuitive Interaction, Smart House, Ubiquitous Computing, Cross-Cultural, Social Computing, Tangible Design, Brand Localization

Design Skills

3D Modeling & Rendering (Rhino, 3dmax, Pro/E, UG)
2D Design (Photoshop, Illustrator)
Animation Design (Flash, 3dmax, After Effects)
Quantitative Analysis (SPSS)

Self Evaluation

Excellent problem solver, Fast learner, High overall quality designer

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