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Mechanical Reptile


  My role:
  Designer and Engineer

Second Prize of Fengru Cup

I learned:

  Successful delivered a product and made a prototype that turned ideas into reality.

A product design from mechanical aspect.
  Project Overview  

I created with my team members simulated reptiles that can move and work in narrow pipelines without causing horizontal obstruction.


  Design Process:  

Design Opportunity:

The needs for machines working in the hole at a bad condition is ubiquitous, covering healthcare, mining and transport.


A reptile machine that can restrict the verticle strength and convert it to horizontal force to get a maximum utilization of power to move ahead.

Design of concept:

This machine can move in any kind of tubes, the size depends on the tube. It could be as big as an oil tube, or as small as blood vessel. There is also a sensor at the front of it. It could be camera, light or any other kind of working devices.

Mechanical Design:

The mockup: