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  Silver Award of WingTech Design Award

I suppose that the next generation’s SNS technology can turn from the virtualized world back to the real life. At this point, I am designing a “Friend Finder” application in mobile phone that helps people to find the ‘right person’ you want to meet nearby, especially on social occasions, such as parties or conferences. Meanwhile, you can find out things in common with the new acquaintances immediately, which will lead to a good conversation.


Introduction Video:
I have tried a new kind of form to illustrate the design by video. I used Poser and 3Dmax to establish a scenery, and used Flash to simulate the interface of mobile phone, and then combined them in After Effects with sound. This kind of video can express the product idea very clearly and vividly.
I have spent one week to devise the scenery and implement it all by myself.


Imagination Board
> Can you imagine that when bored with waiting in line,you could suddenly find a friend with the same hobby as yours?
> Can you imagine that when walking in the street, you could be suddenly announced that a high school classmate just passed you?

Product Opportunities
Efficient communication is highly recommended in future, we can provide a new way to enhance the communication of people.

PURPOSE: Making friends and find friends face to face
Internet: Mobile Blog, Mobile Photo Gallary, Mobile Web 2.0&3.0
Service: Mobile Ticket, Mobile Purse, Mobile Map
Communication: Mobile Finding Friends, Mobile Locating Friends
New Idea: Mobile Making Friends