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Fitness Equipment


My role:
  Hengye Motor Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Project Manager


I learned:

  Successful deliver a refined product fulfilling the customer's need.

A complete process of product development from the sketch to manufacuture.
  Project Overview  

An equipment helps people burn fat by shaking. Preferablely, it can fit more than two physical position of users.

  Design Process:  

1. We went to the factory to get enough information and take the user experience of current product.

2. Five concept design from our team. My design was selected by the customer.

2. I designed the movable handle, giving another possible position for the users - standing and sitting. It's never seen in the former product.

3. My team was testing for the right position, shape and size for the comfortable experience of users. We made a quick prototype of that.

4. Finally, we resized the handle and refined the pad design. Mutiple position design is a breakthrough for this kind of fitness product, helping the users not only burn the fat of legs, but also the fat around the waist and hip.

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