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Cube & Nest


My role:
  Yadu Science & Technology Co.
Producet Designer
“Best Graduation Project” of 2008 China Industrial Design Education Conference

IEEE 10th International Conference on Computer-aided Industrial Design & Conceptual Design (First author) (Download)

I learned:

  Successful deliver a refined product fulfilling the customer's need.

I experienced a whole proccess of designing a product from this project. From the requirement, to the market analysis and concept selection then the refining final idea.Finally I wrote a paper and completed all the extension design.
  Project Overview  

A pair of humidifier and purifier, as a gift for the Olympic game market.

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  Design Process:  


Product Opportunities
Olympic Games 2008 will hold in Beijing,Yadu,stands for the supplier of Olympic Games, plans to develop a new kind of humidifier to suit the demand of Olympic Games.Meanwhile,due to the feature of humidifier is suitable for the theme of Olympic Games,Green, Hi-Tech.So,Yadu wants to establish an environment of Green and Hi-tech theme.Moreover,a new small engine was invented by Yadu.So we can design a totally new style.The potential fields are in-car,portable,gift or other purposes.

Requirement Analysis
>The big market Olympic Games will bring
>The main status of Yadu brand in the market
>The topic of society-Green Olympic and Healthy Life
>The revolution of new engine,stimulates a new market

Feasibility Analysis
>Mature technology,the new engine could work well
>The existing design tools is competence to design
>The small humidifier is possible,there are existing small product,such as Airpod, Pure-Ion etc.

Market Analysis
Yadu has placed above 80% of the market.Yahu had sold out first humidifier in China.The technology also lead the market.Yadu is holding more than 1,000 patents for inventions,and the engine or technology are exported to abroad.
Other brands,such as Wanglida,Benteng,Jinpenghelong, all of these share the left 20% of market.

Design Description
Idea from the two famous Olympic Games- Cube and Nest
Two Olympic stadiums have the same meaning of the air humidifier and purifier. Water Cube,water,the humidifier could be presented with a very pure form in front of the users,humidifying the air,and at the same time,can also visually humidfy the mental sense.The nest, nature, purifier can also be a nature thing which abstracts the image out of the nest in front of people,purifying the air,at the same time,giving people a visual enjoyment of a return to nature. 08, the world will remember the Nest, Water Cube.They will make people amazed, hang around; 08, is also the year rolling business opportunities, foreign visitors, will gather in Beijing in all directions. Gifts, souvenirs will become the best consumer goals. If we could merge the concept of Nest and Cube into the purifier and humidifier,it will be a meaningful mission and hardly to resist.

Creative Point
> Breakthrough restrictions of the size of humidifier, use a new design and target groups of small humidifier.
> Integrate elements of the Olympic Games into the design of products to highlight the characteristics of the Beijing Olympic Games 08
> Raise the aim of meeting needs of users to decorations, art and souvenirs level. So as to achieve the demand as an Olympic Games gift.
> Based on the feasibility study,we integrated and bundled the purifier and humidifier.
> Breakthrough the original form of air transfer,we switched it into a the single-outlet respiratory design, giveing a more natural wind

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